Always run a vehicle check before buying used

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a lottery. Get it wrong and people can saddle themselves with a dodgy motor that has outstanding finance owing on it, or one that has been in accident. And the sad thing is that incidents like this are entirely avoidable.

It’s hard to tell just by looking, but some cars out there on the forecourt have a chequered history. They’ve been stolen, banged up or sold on with HPI owing. Anyone sold a pup like this is going to be sorely disappointed and seriously out of pocket.

A car check is an absolute must for anyone looking to buy second hand. Thanks to the Internet it’s easier to run a vehicle check than ever before. Rather than make an emotional impulse buy there and then, prospective buyers should check up on the vehicle’s history first.

Running a car check is easy. Buyers just input the registration details on a vehicle check site, pay a small fee and then receive a full report on the history of that particular car. It tells them everything they need to know, like the number of owners and details of any accidents it may have been in.

Armed with this information buyers can make an informed decision. It takes the power away from the dealer or the seller and puts it firmly in the hands of the buyer. Buying any car is a big decision. Before handing over thousands of pounds it makes sense to run a check first. It could just save a lot of heartache, not to mention cash, in the long run.

Be cautious and careful out there on the forecourt. A little extra deliberation and a thorough check on the vehicle’s history is the way to go. And that should mean many happy years of trouble free motoring.



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