Why Warmer Waters May Leave Britain in the Cold for a Long Time to Come

It may seem paradoxical, but warmer waters may well be to blame for our colder weather. Over the past few years, both our winters and summers seem to have been far less temperate than they were even a decade ago, and whilst both have their own specific causes, the ultimate reasons behind the colder weather may lie in warmer water.

It may seem odd that the waters are getting warmer whilst the air temperature cools, but not only is global warming having an effect on the polar ice caps, but the earth also tends to go through periods of time when the seas naturally warm and cool. As the sea warms, the flow of the Gulf Stream is affected quite significantly and the jet streams that govern the warmer weather across Europe alter accordingly.

This year, and potentially for another good few years to come, the jet streams have been lower than normal, prompting colder weather above the streams, which would normally not affect Britain quite so much. This means that looking forward to future summers, we should bear this in mind, and for those who missed the opportunity to get away last summer because they kept holding out for better weather, it may well be time to book your parking at Gatwick and pledge to get away as there is a good chance that the next few summers will follow a very similar pattern.

However, with colder winters still on the cards, it may be wise not to ignore the benefits of getting away during the long, dark nights too, and for anyone who has been fed up with the summer we have had, finding regular cheap breaks abroad and booking Gatwick parking accordingly may well be the best option, allowing a good healthy dose of sunshine to boost the spirits during what may well be month after month of uninviting weather.


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