Top 10 consumer electronics of our age

How does one choose the consumer electronics that deserve the most – or all – of our awe? Should we consider the surrounding hype around the product or should the product stand in front of the jury with no bells and whistles, which can distract?

Should we consider consumer products that promise to transform the world – in 28 years when Apple buys out Microsoft? Perhaps it’s a far better idea to choose the top based on which products has become the poster child for that particular industry: Hoover, Tippex, Kleenex, and Sellotape are brand names that we now use as generics.

But perhaps it makes sense to look at the top brands of the past decade (2000 – 2010) and to then look at which electronics also happen to be in the top spots.

Cell phones

Our favourite digital appendage has remained unchallenged for nearly 3 decades: the first cell phone wowed audiences in the 1970s. The cell phone has travelled far in economic terms – it started off as a luxury item and now, even the 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2.50 per day consider it a necessity.

All Apple products

Apple has, ironically, managed to become the poster child of anyone and everyone who is anti-establishment. The ‘Cult of Apple’ has infiltrated our lives with their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch products. The iPod is one of the most ubiquitous products in the western world and one with high product recognition.

Google chrome

“Wait, this is a browser,” you say. Sure it is. But we use or ‘consume’ it so it fits neatly into the category of electronic consumer goods. This browser is one of the many ways in which Google wants to reassert itself onto the computer world. It is radical (eBooks shipped with Chrome in the near future, anyone?) and we are including it in our roundup.

The Wii

There’s a lot of debate over which gaming console is superior – Xbox 360, the Wii or the PS3. The jury’s lunch hour is nearly up but it’s possible they’ll declare the Wii the victor only because it introduced an entire new market segment to gaming: non-gamers.


The first netbook that managed to inspire lust and craving was the Asus eee PC. The rest of the netbooks built on this foundation and now some netbooks offer as good a computing experience as bigger laptops.


The Kindle introduced the world to the wonders of having access to thousands of books when not in a public library. Other companies followed and there is now a plethora of eReaders available: iPad, Nook, Kindle, Papyrus, etc.

Crackberrys also known as Blackberry’s

These phones have only been around since 2002 and they’ve already captured our collective imagination.

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