Enhance your cafe profits with mobile top-up

It is possible to increase your cafe sales and make more money you could always raise the prices that helps make more money, or take the risk of lowering your prices to get customers away from the competitors, or maybe think of alternative ideas like providing services competitors don’t or maybe even advertise more.

However you can find another way that won’t amount to anything. You could offer customers mobile top-up services on the cafe.
How does offering top-up services increase my cafe profits?
Well it’s easy to understand, but surprisingly overlooked by many cafe owners in the industry. If you do a little bit of a search surrounding the area where you’re trading you could potentially realise that there’s an absence of places where people can top-up their pay as you go mobile phones. If that is the case then you can certainly bring this service to that potential customer as well as perhaps get their business too.

Each time a customer comes into your cafe to receive a top-up then they will likely consider to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or they may even plan to have their lunch in your cafe so they can top up at the same time. Once you then become referred to as a place where customers can top up you will find the same people will return over and over again; in case you don’t manage to get their business the first time, there is always another.

Another huge benefit for offering top up services is that you can earn money every time a customer uses the service. This can be quite a surge in your revenue, and it’s by merely allowing visitors to top up their phone on your premises.
Those that want top-up services check around for shops that offer it by attempting to find the sign in the window. You might not consider that a product like this will make a difference, but when you consider that people are already looking for it, something as simple as displaying this sign can make a positive change towards your sales and cost you relatively next to nothing.

Can it cost me money to look at top-up services?

The majority of payment processing companies won’t charge you to set this service up. The cost to you, the retailer is nothing at all, the benefits may just be astounding and you’re guaranteed to make commission from each sale.

How can I offer top-up services in my cafe?

You simply require a card machine to accept top ups and most cafe owners have these already; however the top-up services usually only work on the static payment terminals. The best approach is to contact your payment processor and ask them directly on how you’ll be able to accept top up services. You never know what money you can generate by doing very little at all.

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