Why Need A Skip For Your Garden Waste?

People often hire a skip for their green garden waste, because post a garden clean-up, things can become a little messy. Disposing of waste is an efficient solution as it helps to avoid clogging your home’s piping system. You would also not have to make multiple trips to the local bins to dispose of your waste, which makes skips a time and effort-saving solution.

So whether you are renovating your garden or doing a seasonal clean-up, Skip hire Slough would make the task easier and more manageable. In this article, we have tried to explain some common queries on why you need to hire a skip for your garden waste.

What Is Garden Waste?

Garden waste can be described as any waste products collected from your garden that can go into a skip, like soil, weed, plants, wood, bricks, patio slabs, etc. Some of this waste like organic items (plants, twigs, shrubs, etc.), are known as green garden waste and it can also go into the skip.

Burning Garden Waste

Often people wonder if they can burn their garden waste. Yes, they can do so, but there are many restrictions to it. You might need to hire professionals and inform your neighbours before the bonfire activity, or there is a chance of getting reported to the council. This is not a feasible solution if your garden produces combustible waste at regular intervals.

You can alternatively think about composting your garden waste, but ensure that you can manage your compost heap and pits properly. Also, you might not be able to dispose of all of your garden waste there.

When To Hire A Skip?

If you think that your gardening activities would continue for more than a few days, Skip hire Slough seems to be a good idea. You can fill up the skip at your own pace, without worrying about paying multiple visits to the dump or managing the compost heap. Most people only hire a skip when their garden is undergoing a major renovation or completely overgrown. You can start by clearing out small portions of the garden first to understand how long the whole job is going to take.

Where To Put The Skip?

When choosing the location of your garden skip, the main thing is accessibility. Keeping the skip inside your garden might be easy for you but sometimes it can happen that skip lorries are unable to access them.

You can solve this problem by keeping the skip in a location located near the garden, where the truck can also access it easily. And if you do not have a driveway, remember that you have to apply for a skip permit if you are going to keep the bin on a public road.

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