Freelance Quantity Surveyor

Secure the services of an experienced Freelance Quantity Surveyor for your next building project

Their knowledge, experience and training will help you to manage the costs in relation to your engineering scheme. The skills of a Freelance Quantity Surveyor ensure that all aspects of a site build are managed in a cost-effective manner. From initial calculations of budget to the total figures that will be involved, the Freelance Quantity Surveyor aims to reduce the costs of the build, whilst maintaining a high degree of standard in the process.

Need a Freelance Quantity Surveyor for future building projects? Pick a time-served Freelance QS that has undertaken plenty of projects in the past.

What exactly does a Freelance Quantity Surveyor do?

Although the main principle of the Freelance QS is to manage building costs, the list of duties they actually perform is far more comprehensive. On a daily basis a qualified Freelance Quantity Surveyor undertakes cost control procedures, they prepare tender documents, undertake feasibility studies and analyse costings prior to tendering for their clients.

The Freelance Quantity Surveyor will allocate work to subcontractors, they’ll place value on finished projects, then authorise payments to the contractors involved.

A key requirement of an experienced Freelance Quantity Surveyor is to keep abreast of the latest building contracts that are in use.

Involved in a project from the start to the finish, the Freelance Quantity Surveyor helps to drive down the costs of a build and ensures their client receives the best value for their money.

Professional and disciplined

The needs of the client are foremost in the mind of the Freelance Quantity Surveyor. The performance of the Freelance QS is managed to meet their individual client’s requirement. Reliable and consistent, a Freelance Quantity Surveyor provides a quality, essential service that is tailored to each individual project.

If you require estimating, cost management and want value engineering, the services of a Freelance Quantity Surveyor are a must.

A full range of value for money services are provided by a Freelance Quantity Surveyor and their skills are put to the test on a variety of engineering and construction schemes. has a range of competitively priced services. Visit us now for Freelance Quantity Surveyor or a Freelance QS.

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