MPB Today Offers New Opportunity For Some

My Premier Business, alternatively referred to as MPB Today is now making available the opportunity to become a part of the home grocery delivery industry, capitalizing on an universal product…groceries. We all eat right?

Southeastern Delivery is the company that actually handles the delivery duties, whereas MPB Today is the fairly new marketing arm. Southeastern, located in Pensacola, FL has been delivering name brand groceries for a couple years now in FL. panhandle and into Alabama.

With rapid expansion which has recently been assited by the MPB Today national marketing program, Southeastern Delivery is now delivering groceries across the continental United States to any postal and UPS address.

For one to get involved in this expansion, and to profit from it, all that is required is to make an one-time grocery purchase from the MPB Today web site for $200. Marketing MPB Today can be as simple as inviting people to view the video presentation available on the replicated web site (annual web site rental $10/year). The MPB Today video presentation details the process of referring people to qualify to receive a $100 to $300 paycheck and a $200 Walmart gift card, paid weekly based on the achieving of the production target as defined in the MPB Today compensation plan.

MPB has a pay structure based on a 2×2 forced matrix. The six-person matrix must be filled up with a minimum of 2 personally sponsored distributors and four others, which fills the six man board. After the board fills with six people you get paid. Each distributor must refer a minimum of 2 sales a piece to earn commissions, then a request can be made to exchange the $200 receipt provided for the grocery purchase into a Walmart gift card. MPB Today adds a new twist to the forced matrix by including a $50 per referral bonus commission so that the more productive members can be compensated for their efforts and yet the less productive members can still continue to cycle based off the movement of the boards caused by the team as a whole.

If one chooses to redeem the $200 gift card rather than using that $200 to order groceries from MPB, he can use that card to purchase any item at Walmart or Sam’s Club.

MPB Today will create a very lucrative income opportunity and potential savings for members. Many families have been impacted by the current economic environment and the lack of jobs due to the current recession. Everybody spends money on grocery shopping and identifies with saving money on Walmart brands and everybody needs additional money. Promoting MPB Today business opportunity cannot get any easier or more fun. I would say the timing is just perfect for these guys.

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This author has been a professional marketers for over 12 years, and now gives training courses for the technically challenged, which help with income creation in a down-economy. Whether you have an MPB Today business you are looking to boom, or you are just curious about MPB Today you can find a comprehensive review of this company, as well as free access to some video lessons which can help you.

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