Choosing Business Cards

Whilst once upon a time, a business card was just a business card, today there are many different types of business cards available and choosing which one is right for you can end up seeming like a mammoth task.

So how do you go about making the right choice?

Ultimately, the choice you make will be a mixture of personal preference and the type of impact you need to make. With so many different types available there are many decisions to make before you even start adding your own content and graphic designs.

For some, it may be far easier to choose a type of business card when your business needs specific leaflet printing, taking the design and style from the leaflets you design and using a very similar style on your cards to help promote a very unified brand. However, that still leaves a huge amount of choice, and it is not just quality that will be important.

With cards that can be folded, textured, gloss laminated, have printing on both sides or be created in a completely unique shape away from the standard rectangular card many businesses use, knowing which will be best for an individual can be hard. However, it will usually simply be a case of choosing a style that fits in with your own image.

For artistic companies with a unique personality, cards with unique shapes will be the best bet, whilst for those who want to simply show class and attention to detail laminated cards with a textured feel are going to do far more to promote your ethics.

Ultimately, think of a business card as an extension of your business’s personality – the cards you choose can say a lot, so don’t cut corners…unless of course round cornered business cards are the right ones for you!

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