Why I Don’t Use Aftermarket Wheels on My Vehicle Anymore – The case in opposition to using Aftermarket Wheels

Below are the top six reasons why I don’t use Aftermarket Wheels on my vehicle anymore.

1. Times are too tight now to pour the money away. My OEM (original equipment manufacturer) factory wheels are saving me much more money over my old flashy bling ones.

2. You might have to finance those aftermarket high priced wheels/tires and by making payments at 10/15 % interest for three years.

3. Aftermarket Wheels could void some factory warranties on brand-new cars and trucks. Some Dealers require you to buy a specific wheel warranty or an extended warranty as Aftermarket Wheels are produced for only 12 months or two, before they make a new model and then you can?t get hold of a replacement wheel, as your wheels are no longer made and if you possibly could find them, you can only buy a set of four, as dealer will not break up a set and sell you only 1 or 2. LOL

4. Tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) do not work or can’t be installed in all Aftermarket Wheels plus the dash warning blinking light and noise sound wouldn’t stop.

5. Fuel can be an expense that only climbs up, and most pickups with big wheels only get about ten miles to a gallon. It takes more energy for that vehicle to spin and stop those big wheel

6. Your brakes work harder, front end alignment changes since these types of vehicles weren’t designed for the big wheels as well as front end parts degrade faster, oftentimes making the car or truck experience change for the worse. There?s certainly, maintenance is usually high on after market wheels also , you cannot skim on the quality and type of wheels that you buy. The better wheels are unquestionably expensive to buy and consequently expensive to maintain also. Been there, done that. Too much hassle and expense to repeat, unless I win the lottery. LOL

FYI: I was told by one man, who said that his sensors did not work with his Aftermarket Wheels. So to keep the dash warning light from flashing and making sounds, he put the 4 sensors beneath the seat in a Ziploc bag to keep the air pressure stable and keep the tpms from activating the warning signal on the dash, another man sealed his in a pvc tube and put them inside the trunk.

Now, will it be worth buying Aftermarket Wheels right now? I’ll let you be the judge. Read a lot more talks as well as opinions by Visiting: http: //www.wheelsncaps.com

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