Benefits of Laminate Flooring over Carpet

Carpets have long remained the traditional choice of flooring across all residential and commercial properties across the United Kingdom. A variable texture of fabric creates a comfortable layer upon ground foundations and each structural floor level to ensure a building retains its solidity and durability.

As many carpets are manufactured using soft fabrics, it provides essential comfort under the feet which can ease the pressure upon the legs that can be felt when walking on hard ground. This can be particularly enjoyed within household as residents are able to walk barefoot on carpet with limited or no concerns about hurting their feet. Their aesthetical colours and patterns also create their own feature within a room, and subsequently bring out the qualities of household furniture and décor.

Although homeowners can continue to choose carpets, hardwood oak flooring promotes itself as a modernistic alternative which provides numerous benefits across a household. Compared to carpets, commercial laminate flooring requires less maintenance to ensure any spills or dirt marks are washed off and to preserve its overall quality. The smooth surface provided by laminate floors replaces the soft fabric nature of carpets in which dirt, mud and dust can build-up and reduce the quality of flooring.

It is for this season that commercial laminate flooring is more suitable for homes with pets or children. Moulted hairs, mud dragged in from outdoors and spillages are common forms of mess created. More household cleaning products can be used on laminate floors than carpets to preserve their overall appearance and retain their hygienic levels.

After an extensive period of time and usage, carpets can begin to lose their overall quality. Carpet fabrics can become frayed and too dirty to be efficiently cleaned. This requires considerable expenditure to have a carpet replaced which, particularly during an economic downturn, can prove costly.

Such is the hardwearing, durability and longevity qualities provided by timbers, hardwood oak flooring can stand the test of time. Choosing hardwood or laminate floors over carpets within newly built properties and renovation work can provide an invaluable investment which is fitting within any household room.

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