Create the Rustic Look with Oak Flooring

Back in the Victorian era, households across the United Kingdom were primarily constructed using a durable hardwood. Timbers were effective within the structural foundations to provide homes with the sturdiness required to create a stately household. Wooden beams running across a ceiling or pillows joining the ground together with the floor above were predominant features. To this day, numerous coach houses and pubs still feature timber as a prime material within the building framework which adds to the overall ambience.

Although wood has been effectively replaced by bricks and mortar, homeowners can continue to enjoy the true qualities of timber within their property. Wood continues to be utilised to produce household furniture such as tables, chairs and shelving units to provide functionality and visual quality. Its hardwearing and durable qualities are prominent within all timbers used to manufacture household products.

Such qualities are prime reasons for the integration and subsequent increased popularity of timbers used within other household components. Within modern residential properties, owners opt for engineered wood flooring and wooden kitchen worktops to create continuity and utilise its undoubted naturalistic qualities.

The rich character and grain patterns promoted by oak flooring create a rustic look within any room. Its true elegance and splendour can be savoured and appreciated upon walking into a room as wood can not only be its own feature, but also make household furniture and décor products stand out.

Engineered wood flooring is flexible to be suitable for every room within a household. Despite the general build-up of dirt, dust and marks created by spillages and bringing in mud on the bottom of shoes, oak flooring never loses its rustic appearance. Furthermore, the durability and hardwearing qualities of engineered laminate can effectively handle water spillages within a bathroom to become a practical fitting.

As timbers mature with age, their characteristics further improve within flooring and other household products. This ensures that wood flooring provides a textural class and elegance that cannot be matched by any other type of flooring.

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