How to Replace the Lamp in a Cooker Hood

The lamp in a cooker hood is a great commodity, but when it blows it can become one of those jobs that just never gets done. Yet with the right spare parts and a little diligence, it can easily be fixed.

Though cooker hoods vary greatly in size and style, they are all constructed in roughly the same way; the appliance parts generally consist of, as well as the lamp, one or more grease filters and an extractor fan. The lamp is generally located behind a cover embedded in the hood and as such, it is often necessary to remove some of the parts to get access to the bulb fitting.

Firstly, as with any electrical appliance, the hood must be unplugged from the mains electricity supply – this important safety measure should not be overlooked. Then you can proceed with removing the grease filters from the underside of the hood. These filters tend to incorporate a latch panel so it should be easy to identify how to remove them. Filters may be made of a metal mesh, but some are constructed of fabric or use carbon: these are disposable and occasionally they will need replacing with the right spare parts – now might be a good time to check whether this is necessary, or whether the metal filter could do with a clean.

The cover for the lamp can then be removed by reaching inside the hood and unclipping the cover from the reverse side. With access to the bulb it can be unscrewed and replaced, once this is done the hood can be reconstructed in the same way that it was taken apart, taking care to ensure that all the appliance parts are fastened snugly in their fittings. Turn the appliance back on to check all is in working order and you’re ready to start cooking.

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