Replacing the Drive Belt of a Washing Machine Doesn’t Require a Handyman

The belt in a Hotpoint washing machine is an important part of how the appliance works. As the part that links the motor and the drum, it is relied on to work as a shock absorber for the motor, protecting it from any irregularities when the drum spins and designed to break in order to protect the motor should any fault in the machine occur.

If a Hotpoint washing machine has been under-performing and there is a slight rubbery burning smell when it is in use, it could be a sign that the belt has slipped out of place or become stretched (the smell is a product of the friction caused when this happens). If the appliance is not insured or under warranty, the process of replacing the drive belt is not a complicated one and can be done with just a screwdriver.

First, make sure you have the right part. Replacement Hotpoint parts include a range of belts that can be used in its own brand of washing machine as well as others; just ensure that the one you choose is the right dimensions for the machine. Hotpoint parts can be easily bought through dedicated online spare parts retailers.

Before removing the back panel of the machine, ensure that the appliance has been disconnected from the mains for safety purposes. The back panel can be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver, which will then reveal the drum pulley that the belt is attached to.

If it needs replacing, it can be lifted and levered off using the screwdriver. The replacement belt is first fitted around the smaller motor pulley and can then be fed onto the drum pulley by rotating it until it fits on fully. Once properly fitted the back panel can be screwed back in place and the washing machine should be fully operative once more.

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