Getting the Best Out of a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

To get the best out of a Dyson product it should be properly maintained and cleaned; this will help extend the life cycle of the product and reduce the need to buy Dyson spare parts to put right faults caused by poor upkeep. To prevent a vacuum from under-performing, there are occasional maintenance checks that should be carried out and should it be necessary, Dyson spares can be obtained to fix any basic machine issues.

The dirt collector should be regularly emptied and kept free of any accumulations of dirt. If the dirt collector is allowed to fill up, suction power is reduced. If dirt is allowed to build up, over time it can cause blockages that will also have an adverse effect on suction power. For this reason, the dirt collector should be emptied before it fills to stop the heavy build up of debris.

There are also two filters that should be regularly checked to keep a vacuum cleaner working at its best. The pre-filter can be accessed by removing the cyclone housing, and cleaned by washing under warm water by hand and left to fully dry. If it becomes damaged, it should be replaced, and failing to do so can have long term effects on the machine’s performance. The other filter to check is the HEPA filter, which can be located by removing the hose and the filter housing. It can be given a dusting down to clean, but will need replacing with the correct filter from the range of Dyson spare parts approximately every six months.

By looking after your vacuum cleaner with sensible upkeep and the right Dyson spares, you can prolong its life and prevent more serious damage to the motor. This will prevent more costly repairs and reduce the likelihood of needing a replacement for long into the future.

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