Plastic washers and nuts are hugely important in engineering

Contrary to popular belief there’s still a thriving manufacturing sector in the UK. Low skilled production has gone off shore and that’s understandable, but in the high technology and engineering sectors the UK is still leading the way. Britain has become more of a service economy, but it’s by no means the only sector that is thriving across the country.

The firms that operate in this field require high end and custom components for their production processes. Plastic washers might sound insignificant and irrelevant, but it’s exactly this kind of tiny component that firms like this need to source in order to operate effectively. They need to find a reliable and trusted partner to supply them with things like plastic nuts and the other things that they need.

Often their requirements are far from standard. This means that any supplier must be able to create unique plastic washer, nuts and bolts from scratch to fit these requirements. Injection moulding is the technology that specialist suppliers use to fulfil customer orders and give them the custom made parts that they need for their individual businesses. Each one is different and suppliers have to be nimble and flexible enough to adapt to each customer’s needs.

It’s amazing to think just how a big a role something as simple as plastic nuts play in some complex industrial and engineering processes. Companies would be really stuck without them and depend heavily on suppliers who can cater for their specialist requirements.

The UK engineering sector helps to drive growth and innovation. It employs skilled workers and produces all kind of high technology products. Supporting these operations are smaller specialist suppliers providing the nuts and bolts, literally, that these high technology operations need. It’s reassuring to know that this sector continues to thrive and that it remains at the cutting edge of the world economy.