What Makes a House a Home?

There is a big difference between a house and a home, and one that is a great deal more than mere semantics. Just having a house to live in will not necessarily mean that you have a home, unless you feel an affinity with that place. Ultimately, a house is bricks and mortar, whereas a home is something that is a great deal more than just the sum of its parts.

Having somewhere you feel comfortable and ‘at home’ is extremely important to our mental well-being, and therefore making the effort to create a homely environment can have many positive benefits. However, to create a home, it will not be about following a certain set of rules about turning a building into something that means something to you, but instead it will be about understanding what is important for you and what will make a house your own unique home.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of house you have, you can turn it into a home. It is not about having the most stunning or unique property, but instead about populating it with items that reflect who you are and ensuring that you have the things and even the people around you that make you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

Whether you want electric fireplaces to feel warmer and more comfortable, or whether you just need photos of those you love around you, turning a house into a home is about creating something where you feel happy and safe. It’s not about the most expensive furnishings, but about being able to have somewhere you can always retreat to in both good times and bad and gain comfort and strength as a result.

From contemporary coffee tables to the most wonderfully plush sofa you can find, there is no one way to turn a house into a home, but instead it will be an accumulation of everything that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

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