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Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans Information:

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans FOR SCHOOLS
-Save time marking tests through an automated marking system. Less time marking means more time teaching and reviewing performance.
A great and fun environment for children!

-Make their learning experience fun, our flagship site, ensures both boys and girls enjoy their online learning and testing experience with national and local prizes to be won by pupils.

-Your pupils performance will improve in a safe environment. The environment is active during your school day, ensuring you can make maximum benefit of The system can help improve OFSTED ratings and the child’s overall performance.

-Enable parents and pupils to use the system outside of hours * A subscription is needed, however you can upload specific questions for those parents who subscribe and enable them to track the progress of their child.

-The system provides an analysis of the pupils’ individual strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations. Includes space for you to comment on performance, and to track improvements.

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans FOR TEACHERS
-Reduced marking time
-Reduced hassle and stress when it comes to reporting.

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans FOR CHILDREN
-Prizes to be won during and after school and over the summer time!
-Contact classmates and talk inside or outside of school
-Do cool subjects like French, Science and Personal Development, Mutual understanding.
-Get on our national and international leaderboards within English, & Maths!
-Have fun while learning!
-Improve your grades
-Explore the world of Buccaneers & Lobsters!

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans FOR YOU (PARENTS)
-Access to & Key Stage outside of school hours.
-Ability to view the teachers feedback, and receive the systems suggestions on how your child can improve performance.
-Access to home works set by the teacher on the system.

-Safe Monitored chat that your child can use to talk to school friends after hours. Introduce your child to online networking safely!
-For a small fee have your child learn using our improved science, technology and language lessons, using the in game engine.
-Know that your children are communicating safely with class mates, 100% of our chatters are verified school children.

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