Article Marketing – 3 Methods for Consistently Making Lots of Content that Will Bring Backlinks and Traffic to Your Website

Article marketing is one of the most effective, free methods for attracting targeted traffic and also obtaining lots of high-quality back links to your site. The only problem here is that it also needs plenty of work. There’s no avoiding that fact. Nevertheless, the secret to good results with article marketing is frequent content creation.

Because you need to submit such a great volume of articles to article submission sites to be able to start seeing good results in the form of higher traffic and increased search engine rankings, you will need to setup systems that will guide you to enhance your article writing productivity.

If we were to break the process down you will find about three main procedures involved in creating and submitting your articles for publication to article directories:

Keyword research and niche research. The process for creating articles for article marketing strategy starts with keyword research. You can use free keyword devices like the Google keyword tool you will also want to see a few related keywords which you can use for secondary keywords in your article.

Once you have your set of keywords you’ll want to research the niche to find related facts and supporting info to make your articles both accurate and useful. Should you your research in batches it is going to make it simpler when it comes time for you to have a seat and compose your articles because then you’ll not be staring at the dreaded blank screen. You will have your list of prime and secondary keywords along with all the research you did on the niche so when you get ready to write the thoughts really should already be flowing.

Composing the article. Schedule some time on a daily basis or maybe every week to publish batches of articles. Once you begin with your keyword list as well as your topic research, the writing process really should flow fairly easily. Think of investing in or creating your own templates for your articles so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to write down an article.

When it comes to the article title it’s a good idea to write the title when you have finished the article. That way you’re sure that the article delivers on the promise in the title. The title is a vey important portion of the article because if the title is lame, no one is going to browse past it to see what is actually in the article. Spend some time and create juicy titles that make the reader wish to read the article.

The resource box is another important element in the article. The body of the article is where you discuss a valuable content. The resource box is where you show the reader how they may acquire a lot more information on this topic by just following the link to your website. Applying compelling words creates a little bit of curiosity and entices the reader to click on the link to your site. The call to action in the resource box is where conversion happens for your article. Should the readership is not going to follow the link, you have only wasted your time and theirs.

Submitting the article. The final step in the process is submitting the article to article directory sites. You will gather a list of the top article publication sites, create your own account by setting up a profile, and then start submitting your articles making certain you’re picking the correct categories.

Article marketing can be labor-intensive, but you could skip a lot of that work and submit your articles at the push of a button. Article Marketing Robot can help your website reach page 1 on Google and the other search engines on autopilot.

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