How To Make Ebooks Work For You

Let’s look at some strong reasons to go ‘Beyond The eBook’ In Your Information-Selling Business.
Ebooks and reports represent hugely popular types of information products, and with the recent rise of eBook readers among the general public their popularity is likely to increase further in the next few years. Ebooks are not, however, the ‘be all and end all’ in your online web based business. There are many reasons to go ‘beyond the eBook’ and grow into markets such as informational DVDs, video, audio, and personal mentoring. Here are 3 smart reasons.

1. Not everyone likes eBooks!
Hard to believe but not everyone likes eBooks. Some people don’t like reading from the screen, while for other individuals reading just doesn’t work for them as a way of retaining knowledge. By only offering eBooks you’re ignoring the large amounts of people who could be interested in your market and will buy the kind of information you’re offering but don’t want to buy an eBook. These people might opt to buy a video or audio product, for example, instead of your eBook.

2. Ebooks have an image of “lower priced”
Other types of product have sold for higher amounts than eBooks, which historically have an image of “lower priced”. By creating other types of products you’ll have greater an opportunity to sell products at prices and offer products at different price points.

3. Ebooks can seem a little ‘old hat’

Despite the fact that eBooks are just recently catching on with the general public, in the ecommerce world they can appear to be a little ‘old hat.’ There are plenty of people around the world who are willing to buy and read eBooks but would prefer something a little more dynamic. Why not ‘spice up your eBooks by re-packaging them and making them into a course? Each chapter could be made into an individual module or a chapter of the course.

EBooks are and will remain valuable parts of your internet marketing campaing, but it is necessary that you, as the webmaster, stay on top of fresh information and creative writing to make the eBook attractive to your customer.

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