Fire alarm system – A necessity

A fire alarm system is basically designed to detect the presence of fire at home, in buildings or in commercial places. In short it is a fire protection system that detects fire and alerts people in the surrounding area and controls all the fire alarm devices in the building or commercial places. Fire alarms can include alarm initiating devices, alarm notification
appliances, control units and when triggered these alarm systems notify fire officials who will then send help.

Fire alarm systems have two basic categories the addressable system and conventional systems both of these have a unique address that identifies the exact location of the fire. Addressable system is used in various big commercial places while conventional systems are used in small place like residential areas or small commercial places. The conventional system is less expensive and offers good detection settings than addressable system thus it is beneficial to smaller places with small wants. Some fire alarm systems are wireless called wireless fire alarm system they are highly sensitive and can detect smoke at very low levels. They can clearly adapt to any place and fulfil all requirements like wired fire alarm system.

Fire alarm systems have devices connected to them to detect the fire and alert the people of an emergency like Manual pull stations call points in which people manually activate the fire alarm on emergency. Then there a smoke detector device to detect instant smoke, water flow switches device to detect water flowing through the fire sprinkler system, heat detector that detects heat changes. These devices notify people the need for action during emergency.

Therefore if you do not have a fire alarm system and you’re aware of what damage a fire can cause install a fire alarm system now also while installing this alarm system keep other elements in mind like fire extinguisher this will help control the fire in emergency situation till the fire officials come. In this world where emergency can occur at any point of time a Fire alarm systems is a necessity.


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  1. Very impressive blog. The significance of a fire identification and alert framework can’t be put into words. The essential advantage is recognizing potential flames early, along these lines further developing response time and actuating the fire sprinkler or concealment framework to stop fires quickly

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