Franking machine to cater all your mailing needs

A Franking Machine is a stamping machine that is intended to stamp impression of dies of approved deigns by paying postage and postage fees. Electronic franking machine is designed to simplify your postal works adding speed, accuracy and convince of operations. Even if you have huge mailing requirements, your mail is metered, franked sealed automatically and stacked. This machine is definitely a great solution to all your postal needs.

Franking machine has many advantages like reduction in the cost of operation, facilitates better communication, increases profit resulting in high dividend to shareholders, maintains up-to-date records, reduces errors, faster and better service to the customers and many more benefits. With franking machine, work becomes less strenuous since you have a machine to do your manual work.

Franking machine is easy to operate machine that helps reducing your frequent trips to the post office in view of posting mails. These machines are available in a variety of speeds most common of which include the range of 30 to 90 letters per minute. Some franking machines are equipped with a weighing scale for weighing of the mail and calculating postage value.
Digital franking machines eliminate the manual involvement in setting meter of franking machine as funds are electronically downloaded on the machine thus saving time as well as effort for the user. Different unique marks are generated by the franking machine which gives unique identification to items, like mails. These machines are capable of meeting all the market segments, even to those of very high end production mailers.

A good franking machine makes it times easier to weight, frank and send your mail. Many reputed brands bring different models of franking machines from which you can choose the one that best suits your need. Smart franking machine is a perfect choice when there’s a need for processing higher volumes of mail with reliability and efficiently.

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