Afgan rugs: true piece of culture and artistry

With a unique work of art with its own unique size and color, Afgan rugs are a true masterpiece. These rugs are made of al hand spun wools and vegetable dyes using deigns of reminiscent of the past. Vegetable and other natural dyes give rich colors to the rugs and the rugs are generally available in medium sizes. Afgan rugs are undoubtedly the finest rugs available in the market today. Each rug has an exclusive design and is not program merchandise. Afgan rugs are absolutely clean, perfect and all set to compliment your home décor.

Afgan rug is a hand-woven floor covering textile traditionally made in Afghanistan and also woven by the Afgan refugees who are residing in Pakistan and Iran. Afgan rugs are actually genuine, charming and can be bought usually at phenomenal low rates. Various patterns and colors of these traditional rugs are used; the most typical and traditional pattern of which is an octagonal elephant’s foot i.e. Bukhara print, generally printed with red background.

Afgan rugs are made from effort germinating from traditional craftsmanship with artistic features. Afgan rugs are evidence of artistry and an exhibition of art in motion. Daffodils, lilies and flora have made their way for more poignant designs like tanks, bullets and also irregular geometric insignias. Afgan rugs have now become more about cultural symbols. Modern pieces are woven so that people can look at the trauma which the inhabitants experienced at the time of trauma.

If you deal with a good retailer you can get these Afgan rugs in wholesale prices. You can even find large room size rugs with a good quality in a price that you have never expected. This is one of those best things which you can choose to invest in and enjoy the marvelous antiques of tomorrow.

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