Alki David Press Release – issues evidence to U.S. Federal Judges against Microsoft/CBS/Cnet

Alki David issues evidence to U.S. Federal Judges relating to Microsoft/CBS/Cnet’s complicity in illegal downloading and exploitation of minors. Alki David’s Networks who are presently embroiled in a legal rights battle with all four Major US Networks, is in possession of potentially explosive information which confirms that Microsoft & Viacom/CBS organisations are knowingly encouraging the public and more worryingly, minors, to download pirate copyrighted works.

In addition, and even more damaging it seems that these networks also distribute material that features the sexual exploitation of minors. Alki David this week has submitted extensive evidence of these activities to Eric Vandevelde, US Department of Justice, Cyber Crimes Division Los Angeles as well as Federal Judge Kimba Wood who criminalised Limewire in a 2010 Ruling and Federal Judge Naomi Riece Buchwald both from The Southern District of New York.

The evidence gathered, shockingly describes that 67,200 Child Pornography Titles with ages of children as young as 1 year old being molested, were in the possession of Viacom/CBS board members hands. According to Alki David’s evidence they did nothing about stopping its distribution but actually fostered its expansion. (emails from

The extensive documentation has been handed to the Justice Department and other Federal Authorities and whilst Networks is in final negotiations to settle the existing lawsuit with three of the four major Networks, Alki David who refers to a letter handed to CBS lawyers yesterday, remains adamant that “I cannot in good conscience make any settlement with Viacom/CBS as certain individuals within that company are nothing but child porn peddling creeps”.

All the signs are that there is a major industry conspiracy if which are proven will show Microsoft/CBS/Cnet/ are not combating illegal downloading. Today in what Alki David’s FilmOn Networks consider a clear contempt of court, continues to distribute FrostWire and other banned applications like Kazza Lite whilst they claim they only employ legal software methods of file sharing and block distribution of known copyrighted materials.

Alki David further claims the evidence uncovered runs contrary to their claims that the goal in creating this massive Bittorrent network distributed across 100’s of millions of computers was to minimize the cost of bandwidth to the streaming content provider saving 100’s of millions of dollars in bandwidth costs hence benefitting the Azereus / Vuze Network, Fanhattan, and Glam Media.

This was contrary to what MediaDefender promoted to media companies like NBC, selling them millions of dollars in Online Services to protect them from Piracy when in fact MediDefender was monitoring the performance of most notorious file sharing P2P applications, of which Microsoft/CBS/Cnet were the almost exclusive distributor. These applications include but is not limited to, Lime Wire, Bittorrent, eDonkey, Azereus, Bearshare, Grokster and Morpheus.

The download results on Cnet are constantly being changed to hide the real damage it continues to cause. However, as soon as Lime Wire was shuttered, other versions of the same software remained on Cnet and partner sites. The numbers are staggering. Reaching over at least 2 Billion downloads and counting.

The facts also prove that these individuals knowingly did these crimes with total disregard for their fellows, the markets, morality, the rule of the law, and most importantly the innocence of children.

Archived pages of CBS shows how they offered children known copyrighted songs for download directly from their pages with embedded links to thousands of works from hundreds of artists. This includes works by artists such as Madonna, U2, Britney Spears, Britney Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, and many, many more.

For example, children who wanted to pirate Eminem without even having to use P2P software (this could be seen as legitimizing piracy), could do so directly from CBS/Cnet’s website pages. Not through file sharing, but directly from CBS owned web pages. Proof once more if needed that CBS and it’s related companies that they have no moral or legal foundation in their actions against Alki David’s Networks.


These staggering allegations follows an initial lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles Federal Court against CBS Interactive. It was announced on on Nov. 14, 2011 that that a large coalition of singers, songwriters and performing Artists have joined Internet media mogul Alki David and, through their counsel, Baker Marquart LLP, and have re-filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit implicating millions and potentially billions of dollars in revenues obtained by CBS subsidiaries CNET and CBS Interactive through fostering and popularizing piracy of copyrighted works.

The Official Court Complaint

Alki David and the Justice for Artists Coalition (, alleges that “CBS Interactive has quietly made billions by inducing the public to break the law, by providing them the file-sharing software and step-by-step guides, on exactly how to do it. No one has held Defendant accountable for this. Until now.”

The complaint further alleges that CBS Interactive and CNET maintained an ongoing enterprise of distributing peer to peer file-sharing software and DRM removal software, with many detailed reviews and tips on how to use the applications to copy known protected intellectual properties that include performances of Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Madonna and Britney Spears, as well as instructions on how to remove the electronic protections placed on digital music files that were meant to prevent their infringement.
“PM Dawn, Slick Rick, Ron Brows, Sugar Hill Music, Luther Campbell aka Luke Skywalker, Pretty Ricky, Dough E Fresh, H-Town and many others have joined the rapidly growing Coalition,

“We have only scratched the surface. Many more rights-holders are coming forward representing tens of thousands of more intellectual properties but the verification process for identifying ownership is long and detailed, so we will keep on adding as we go,” added Alki David

“CBS Interactive is the Pirate Bay of Corporate America, have literally distributed Pirate Bay search and download tools and many others,” continued Mr. David. “Ironically, I am demonstrating for the same reasons as the folks of Occupy Wall Street, with whom I have a great deal of sympathy. As this lawsuit is expanded it will also highlight lobbyism and monopolistic behavior at its very worst.”

“CBS sued my company FilmOn for not being a Cable Company when that’s exactly what it is. We deliver pay television to subscribers whereas CBS have in fact systematically gained market share over their competitors with their insidious infringement tactics. FilmOn is a small company and it pays millions of dollars a year in license fees to channels, for the right to distribute them. I am livid at the hypocrisy of CBS and what it is doing to try and kill our dreams.”

The complaint alleges that CBS Interactive and CNET have “knowingly and willfully participated in and profited from the same massive infringement that engendered large copyright suits against Napster and LimeWire and that ultimately crippled them financially. And they have done so with impunity. In fact, because they owned a number of the most heavily-visited sites in the world for downloading software of all types, Defendants did more to further this massive infringement than Napster or LimeWire ever could by falsely legitimizing it and popularizing it to the masses.”

This David versus Goliath lawsuit further underscores the hypocrisy of CBS by highlighting Shelby W. Bonnie who held seats simultaneously on the boards of both CNET and Warner Music for two years. During this time, Warner CEO Bronfman was suing LimeWire for copyright infringement and very publicly complaining about the huge monetary damage it had inflicted upon his company while at the same time having a sitting board member who was also serving as a director of the biggest distributor of LimeWire software (distributing more than 220 million copies of it).

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