Wargames Terrain

Wargaming began as a military exercise, studying previous warfare to develop and refine future warfare.  From these early roots, it has developed into a popular pastime enjoyed by many across the globe.

Wargames involves recreating a war on a small scale, using a board game or wargames terrain to re-enact wartime conditions.  Wargames involve strategic thought and careful planning and can be played alone or in big groups.  Whilst ready-made wargame boards can be purchased, many enthusiasts prefer purchasing wargames terrain and scenery separately to create a setting and game that’s individual to them.  Wargames terrain is usually set in either 25mm or 28mm.

Wargames terrain can be incredibly detailed and realistic, depicting war ravaged buildings, war equipment and soldiers.  Wargames terrain can be purchased individually – or modually – meaning you can purchase roofs, walls, stairs or whole buildings.  Purchasing part of a building can help to create realistic wargames terrain, showing a war torn landscape. Wargames terrain also involves wargames figures and soldiers and occasionally civilians, which are created to extremely lifelike standards.

Wargames terrain can depict fictional wars or can emulate famous battles and locations such as the D-Day beaches, Berlin, St Mere Eglish and Stalingrad.  Urban, as well as rural and isolated areas, can all be recreated using wargames terrain.  World War 2 wargames terrain is very popular amongst enthusiasts, with trenches, beach obstacles, cobble roads, anti-tank ditches and fascine stick bundles all helping to create a realistic backdrop.

If modern battles are more your cup of tea, then you may choose to invest in post apocalypse wargames terrain.  Set in futuristic times, the wargames terrain depict modern, burnt out cities.  These types of wargames terrain are perfect for tactical fighting, which can take place in deserted tower blocks, vandalised cars and derelict apartments.

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