3 Unique Benefits of Article Marketing

You will never see the kinds of sales numbers that will make you smile without the power of targeted traffic. You can get visitors coming to your site using both paid and free marketing methods. Article marketing is by far, hands down, the way to go for new marketers in IM. What do you usually think of when you read or hear the two words: article marketing? There can be a lot to article marketing; however, it really isn’t hard at all when you get a better overall picture of it. You, too, can reap all the fun, profits, and these 3 benefits from article marketing – so keep reading to find out all about it.

Increasing the page rank of your website is really not hard when you have a well-orchestrated article campaign running. So think about it; higher page rank plus spreading backlinks around the net are all possible with articles. In addition to the usual article directories, you can easily find sites where you can publish articles that will pass their PR to you. You can directly contact the owners of these sites and ask them if they can publish your article along with your backlink. A good way to do this is to write a guest post on blogs in your niche, which will actually be your article with credit going to you.

Another very common use and benefit of articles is to create links back to your website. Perhaps what most marketers prefer is submitting their various articles to the article directories, and some of them are highly regarded authority sites. No doubt that these directories will help quite a bit with your backlinking power.

You really can work to maximize the number of articles available for your niche because of the number of keywords/phrases that exist for all niches. For example, if your site is about “dog training”, you can link your articles to (which will obviously be about dog training) and have them submitted to various article directories. Be sure to help your articles rank well in the search engines by making your anchor text relevant to your article keywords. Article marketing has been successfully leveraged for getting relevant backlinks, which makes it a valuable link building technique.

Going still further, you can take your articles and put them into another format like a PDF or even a video, and then you have more marketing materials with half the effort. Video marketing, free ebook download sites, sell it on Amazon for very low price. You can enjoy increased reach by including your links in the PDF, or of course mentioning your URL in your videos, etc.

The thing about article writing is you get back what you put into it.

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