Diverse Uses for Touch Screen Monitors

We are all familiar with touch screen monitors at information points; whether this is in shopping centres and museums. The direct interface between user and information point not only assists ease of use, but dispenses with the need for a keyboard or mouse which could easily become lost or damaged in a busy public space. Both educational and retail organisations have praised the technology not only for its simplicity, but it encourage users to interact intuitively with the information point. For children visiting a museum accessing information on exhibits is a simple task that enables the child to interact directly with the educational materials rather than become preoccupied with the console itself. Furthermore the robustness of touch screen monitors and their practicality have proved to be of great value in industrial settings.

Computer operated heavy machinery has always been vulnerable at its control point; fragile keyboards and cables are prone to get damaged or just plain worn out in a demanding industrial setting. What is more, traditional keyboards are hugely impractical as a component of an industrial pc; operators will often be wearing protective gloves and find typing instructions into a keyboard excessively time consuming if not downright impossible. If an industrial pc is operating in extreme conditions it will not only need to appropriately sealed, but a keyboard is wholly inappropriate as it is not only susceptible to fail in temperatures that are either too hot or too cold, but vulnerable to damage from dust and other airborne materials produced by an industrial process. Touch screen monitors provide operators a practical solution to problems inherent in a keyboard in an industrial setting by enabling operators to interface directly through the pc screen. An operator working in extreme conditions wearing protective clothing will find a touchscreen industrial pc an efficient and reliable control system rather than a failure prone impediment to the job in hand.
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