Getting TV Where You Want It

It is now easier than ever to get TV where you want it, when you want it. From watching catch up shows on your laptop to installing Sky multiroom and being able to watch any show at any time (especially for those with Sky Plus), the potential to see shows on demand, wherever you are, has never been greater.

However, only a small proportion of TV shows are easy to find online and the cost of a multiroom installation can be quite high. Therefore, whilst the technology is there, not everyone will be able to benefit from it and many people may still find themselves confined to the front room.

There is, however, a cheaper option that allows those with Sky to get the channel they want in the room they want, whenever they want. Whilst it is easy enough to connect TVs using coaxial cables, this does not solve the problem of needing to change channels and those up in their bedrooms would very quickly get bored of traipsing downstairs every time they wanted to watch something different.

With Sky Magic Eye, it is easy. Just using your ordinary Sky Plus remote you can change channels as and when you like, from anywhere in the house you happen to have Sky linked up to. The cost is almost negligible but the freedom it offers is the same as the expensive installations that used to be the only way to get such ease. It is also extremely cost effective to buy an extra Sky Plus remote meaning that you can have a remote in each room too and therefore never have to worry about where you might have left it.

So, if you love the freedom that the internet and Sky Plus offer when it comes to watching TV, but are bored of the restraints that there currently are, the easiest way to get the best of both worlds is to use Sky Magic Eye.

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