Fleet cards save time and money

Fleet managers are under pressure to trim costs and save money. Keeping company vehicles out on the road is vital, but it’s an expensive business. For large organisations the cost of finance for the vehicles, along with fuel and insurance are a significant cost to the business.

So how can hard pressed fleet managers achieve the savings that senior management are pushing for? Whether it’s trucks and vans making deliveries or sales reps in cars, these are necessary costs. It’s a case of better managing the running and administrative costs of keeping them out there on the road.

Fuel is one of the biggest costs. The price of petrol and diesel just seems to keep going up and up. If a company can get a better deal on fuel, they can start making big savings across the board. The best way to do this is by issuing drivers with a fleet fuel card. By putting everything through one card, companies can in effect negotiate a better price for fuel.

Using a fleet card is easy. They can be issued for fuel only or fuel and provisions from the garage shop. Each card is assigned to an individual driver and vehicle, so there’s no danger of misuse.

As well as saving money on petrol and diesel, the other major benefit of a fleet fuel card is the ease of administration. Thanks to the fuel card there are no more individual expense claims to be settled. Just one account to pay at the end of each month. Which saves a huge amount of administration time behind the scenes. Any wasted time is of course a cost to the company. There’s nothing to lose. It’s an easy decision to make. Using these cards saves time and money, plus makes life easy for everyone. This is great news for fleet managers.

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  1. Using these cards saves time and money. The popular fleet fuel card is a payment system for drivers to purchase fuel for company vehicles. When choosing a fuel card, it can be beneficial to opt for one which provides a service station locator tool. Thanks for your share.

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