Why Buy Sim Free Phones?

Sim free mobile phones are exactly what they say they are – mobiles you buy without a sim in them. So what exactly makes them any different to buying any other phone other than the fact that they are too cheap to give you a sim card with your purchase?

Well, getting sim free mobile phones is actually a blessing rather than a curse. The fact that they come without sims is down to the fact that they are not locked to a specific network. This can offer all manner of benefits for all manner of different reasons.

Take for instance those who have two different sim cards, one for work and one for pleasure, from two different network providers. Rather than needing two phones, you can use both sim cards in the same phone should you wish, potentially making your life easier and almost definitely meaning you can make some money by selling on the phone you don’t need.

For those on contract, you can always make sure you get the right phone at the right price when you come to upgrade, no matter whether or not the phone you want is available with your tariff or on your network.

For pay as you go customers, sim free phones allow users to swap and change the network they are on so that they are constantly getting the best deal. Should you choose a phone locked to a network you can find that within a short space of time another network is offering far better deals and be able to do nothing about it. With sim free phones you can have all the freedom you need to be with the best network at any given time.

So, no matter what you use your phone for, or who you are currently with, a sim free mobile might make your life a whole lot easier, and a whole lot cheaper.



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