The Differences Between Wood and Laminate Flooring

Many people assume that commercial laminate flooring and hardwood oak flooring are the same thing. However, the different names for different types of flooring have given rise to this confusion and in reality the two are quite different.

Solid wood floors are made up from solid pieces of timber that are cut to a specific size. On the other hand, commercial laminate flooring is made up of many different layers of material that are then pressed together. The visible look will also be very different, with laminate flooring clearly being a wood replica.

There are other types, such as engineered wood flooring which is extremely similar to laminate flooring but has a top layer made of real hardwood. The similarities between the two is what leads to the most confusion between the different types of flooring available.

Choosing which one is right for you can also be hard to distinguish. Laminate flooring will undoubtedly be cheaper and easier to install, whilst hardwood oak flooring may take more time and effort to lay. However, the quality and look of the hardwood option is likely to be superior and for those who want the very best floor, this option will probably be the best.

Ultimately, both options will be more attractive and more cost-effective in the long run than almost any other flooring and the ultimate choice between the two is only a mere formality. Laminate flooring will be harder to repair but easier to maintain, not suffering so much from the effects of things such as water or sunlight. However, solid wood will offer a greater value to the home and, for those without kids, may be the best option.

Ultimately, discussing your own requirements with companies who fit both types of flooring will give you the best idea of which will be right for you.

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