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These free Kids Online Games are not only meant for 7-11 year olds, who generally prefer playing games that are usually meant for their age group and usually have plots suited just to them . There are innumerable websites that have on offer free online games for kids under the age of ten, which combine both fun and learning, so that the kids who play these games not only enjoy themselves but also familiarize themselves with counting numbers, or learning the alphabets, and also learning how to use the computer itself. These kids’ games include simple games like coloring pages, activity games, and jigsaw puzzles, to more sophisticated math, science and language games.

Given below are some of the most popular free online games for kids:

Buccaners and Lobsters: One of the most popular online games at the moment for kids of all ages & even grownups! This browser based game has shot to fame over the last year as Buccaneers & Lobsters went live in July 2010, the brain child of an 11 year old boy computer whizz kid Peter Fitzgerald. The game has got into the worlds top 100,000 sites in January of this year and has a significant presence on Facebook.
I think everyone was surprised how well the game took off and there where many who doubted that it would ever happen.
A game targeting 7-11 year old boys and girls who aren’t 3D gamers the game includes many fun sounding missions such as “Who wants to be a Buccaneer?” a game where you can win 1,000,000 gold pieces for doing well in the game, and games within the sub context such as “the Generation Game,” it must be popular and fun given 25,000 people a day are visiting the site and this is growing every day.

Online Crossword Puzzle: If you’re not in the mood to play the detective online, you could settle down with that good old favorite – solving a crossword puzzle – except that you will be doing it online. The rules involved in the online version are the same as the conventional version of the game. In the online version, the current word you will be working on will be yellow in color, while the current letter being worked with will be cyan, and if a wrong letter is entered, it shows up as red. You go to a word by clicking on one of its letters, and the back-space key is used to delete any letter that you have been working with.

Bowling Online: A great game for older kids, which can provide hours of totally engrossing fun. These days, with the increased sophisticated graphics, the online version of the game has a feel of an actual bowling alley. The latest version of the game can be played by two players, which enables you to enjoy competing with your friends online.

Dressing Up Games Online: These are meant for the younger age group. They can have great fun dressing up Barbie in the latest fashionable outfits or having a Mixy makeover.

Online Games for Pre-Schoolers: Wouldn’t your pre-schooler simply love to meet lovable characters like Postman Pat, Peep, Rupert Bear, and Noddy? There are plenty of such games online that are free and easy to play, which will keep pre-schoolers absorbed for hours.

Online Kids’ Games for Harry Potter Fans: Whether it is Star Wars, Batman, or Harry Potter, there are plenty of free online games featuring all these favorite characters and more.

Musical Games Online: A great way for kids to go Do-Re-Me. Yes, there are plenty of games wherein kids can enjoy fun dance music, Wiggles games, educational songs, everyday children’s songs, singalongs, and even classical music!

Checkers Online: Yes, this classic board game is one of the most popular games online. The objective of the game is to use your pieces to jump over your opponent’s pieces, thus removing them from the game. It can also be won by using your pieces to block your opponent’s pieces. The fun part is that when you play the online version of the game, you will be connected with your opponent on the Internet in real-time.

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