Expected Mobile App Development Trends 2020

“Future is mobile computing – smartphones and tablets are just devices act for technology”


2019 has witnessed’s digital transformation in the business market by mobile app development and the presence of mobile computing is every sector so far. There is no doubt about fact happening in the present situation in a business environment and customers professional and personal impacts due to mobile apps, as from food ordering to cab booking everything can be done with mobile apps.

Just have look at the below-proven statistics how mobile apps enhanced user engagement and proclaimed companies attention towards customers.


  1. By 2020 it is addressed that mobile apps generate around 190 billion US dollars income through app advertising
  2. More than 85% of users are spending time with mobile apps for their personal and professional needs.
  3. The mobile app development market tends to enhance 85% growth rate within 2021
  4.  According to statics researches the total number of Smartphone users expected to reach more than 2.8 billion in 2020 from 2.0 billion in 2017


At the present year, 2019 approaches it is impressive to observe how mobile app development companies presenting their uniqueness that will affect businesses belonging customers on the various genre, size, and segment.


Why mobile app development is very important to analyze for the coming year?

Trends and survey show that coming years will be a boom more than now on rapid scale hence mobile apps become a vital part in every business and these trends show as evidence to study and adopt in advance. These are reliable reasons why mobile app development plays a major role in businesses.


  • Risks can be expected, evaluated and exacted well in improvement along with reduction tactics
  • Business peoples can stay a move forward of the balance if you observe inclinations correctly and exactly
  • Trends are symbolic of consumer choices – the modern ones as well as expected things
  • Inclinations have a plan to improve productivity and sales in marketing
  • You can create the required alterations to your business process based on insights and reports.
  • There can be important developments designed in the year to stay up-to-date with expected progress


Vital Trends for Mobile App Development in 2020


IoT App Development –


IoT has created many opportunities for businesses by its wings over world in the market. The businesses such as ecommerce, healthcare, education, transportation, and logistics etc , collaborating seamlessly in the coming year with mobile app technology.

This will enable users to have better exposure and handle of the devices through a centralized connection. IoT associated devices assured to understand an upsurge in need across businesses and houses, with things communicating to each other with minimum human interference.


AR & VR Reality App Development


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality made the audience excited with visions and effects and by looking at the way of transformation AR and VR can make user engagement more especially in gaming, education, real estate, and ecommerce industries.

The trending AR and VR technology is establishing its animation completely. Mobile apps with AR /VR technology is enhancing extremely interactive and have enhanced successful in retaining the users. Competing on social media was not great before and notices a clear future in the coming year 2020.


Artificial Intelligence App Development


The advanced AI and Machine learning are operating better business automation and obtaining real-time data to analyze for better results in the process.

At the point of a finger is now it is achievable with these top-notch technologies. And now integrating artificial intelligence with mobile apps can create many benefits to grow the companies. AI-based apps like Siri, Google Now and many more are directing the business and there are numerous more upcoming in the next year 2020. AI with machine learning is all determined to attempt several services like text analysis, natural language processing, and video analytics, etc. Technology monsters are analyzing their best to develop mobile apps based on Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Chatbots Are the Face of the Future


Chatbots are now indispensable for almost all of your mobile apps as a fast manner to communicate with your clients. They bypass the human interaction to large extent as a virtual assistant and thus see a bright future in the coming year. Chatbots display seamless connections with advances in AR–VR and thus provide organizations with an edge above the remainder. Mobile app chatbot interactions have been instrumental in bringing customer relationships to a completely different level.



The above are important technologies play a major role in coming years and still, there are a lot of technological things such as wearable’s, payment apps, accelerated mobile pages, cloud technology , and, Application Performance Management (APM) & Enterprise Mobile Management also plays a major role for future business. There is so important to watch for and obtain from the technological incidents in the area of mobile apps for mobile app development companies. It is a wise idea to have a hunter on the up-to-the-minute mobile experiences! I hope that this article will help you to realize and identify the improvement of mobile app development and their serious effect on the world of business.


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