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If you are like me you love to use coupons. But did you now you can use coupons to teach your kids about money and saving? There are coupons for just about everything these days from cellphones to fast food including coupons for Mcdonalds. Coupons for Mcdonalds are great fun, as not only do they make your meal cheaper, they also encourage you to try new menu items. As you go through the Sunday paper you can look through the ads to find coupons for Mcdonalds or other great deals. Or, you can also find coupons for Mcdonalds online!
It can be great fun to sit at home with your kids on a weekend and clip out coupons for Mcdonalds. This is a great way to teach your kids about saving money. Also, you can supervise your kids while they search for coupons for Mcdonalds online. This way they learn about using the computer and savings at the same time! When you take them to Mcdonalds later in the week you can use your coupons for Mcdonalds at the counter and show your kids how much money you saved. Maybe even give them the money they save so they can see the value of saving.

Once your kids get a sense of just how much money they are saving, you can have fun every weekend looking through the Sunday paper and cutting out coupons for Mcdonalds. By making saving a fun game you can help your kids get the right habits for saving at a young age. Most Americans have happy memories from when they were children going to Mcdonalds and getting an Egg Mcmuffin or a Big Mac. What if all of these memories were also associated with sitting at home with Mom or Dad and cutting out coupons for Mcdonalds?

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