How To Unlock The iPhone 4s Without Jailbreaking It

Many people keep asking how to unlock the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it. Even though jailbreaking is pretty popular, there are people who still want to preserve their Apple iPhone’s restrictions. Those who are searching for how can I unlock 04.10.01 also prefer to go without jailbreaking. There are tools that make it possible to upgrade to iOS 5 without SIM card and unlock it. Jailbreaking and unlocking tools are developed to help those who want to get rid of restrictions and contracts, but if you still prefer to stick to minimal violation of Apple rules, you can certainly do so.

How To Unlock The iPhone 4S Without Jailbreaking It – The Need

The carrier contracts that come with iPhone 4S and other iPhones is merely a burden because once you sign the contract, you have to keep paying the network carrier every month. People still prefer to get contract iPhones because it is much cheaper to buy rather than buying unlocked iPhones. So, they buy phones from contract providers, but after a while, find the need to unlock the iPhone. The need for methods for how to unlock the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it is increasing because of the issues with iPhone basebands. Not all basebands are unlockable by software tools and iPhones with recent basebands need unlocking methods that are not dependent on jailbreaking it.

How To Unlock The iPhone 4S Without Jailbreaking It – Advantages

The last known baseband supported by Ultrasn0w unlocking software is 04.10.01. iOS 5 bb 4.10.01 jailbreak is available and if you have 04.10.01, you can jailbreak it and use Ultrasn0w. However, in many cases, upgrading to iOS 5 will result in baseband upgrade in which case, you can’t possibly use Ultrasn0w. The method for how to unlock the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it is useful and beneficial because the iPhone can stay unlocked with any firmware version. Moreover, there is no obligation to jailbreak iPhone and then it purely becomes a choice.

How To Unlock The iPhone 4S Without Jailbreaking It

The GeveySIM unlocking method helps you to unlock iPhone without jailbreaking it. Typically, this method uses an emergency calling to 112 to activate locked baseband. This method doesn’t require you to use iOS 5 bb 04.10.01 jailbreak or any other jailbreak tools. Once you purchase brand new iPhone, you can simply use the GeveySIM toolkit and unlock the iPhone. After unlocking, you can use your iPhone in any country of your choice with any local SIM card.

Unlocking iPhone Without Jailbreaking Issues

As you know, Apple creates service provider contracts for iPhone users mainly to profit from the contract between the carrier and phone company. There is no benefit for you as a user and hence, unlocking and jailbreaking is not recommended by Apple. Using software tools is comparatively safer because you will be able to revert back to the locked iPhone with simple restore. However, GeveySIM unlocking method is widely used because of the sheer benefits it offers. As this method makes emergency calls without emergency conditions, it is considered unethical and even illegal in some countries.

Unlocking iPhone Without Jailbreaking – The Present Scenario

In the present scenario, GeveySIM unlocking works for iPhone 4 and some users have had success with iOS 5. You can use Pwnage Tools 4.3.5 4.10.01 to safely jailbreak and unlock iPhone by preserving baseband. However, if the baseband is already upgraded, you have no choice but to use GeveySIM unlocking method. Before unlocking and activating iPhone 4S without SIM, you have to learn from various sources and trust only reputable companies while purchasing your jailbreaking and unlocking tools.

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