Facebook Frozen In Time

Remember when your favourite team won the championship? Or when your boyfriend proposed to you on vacation? Now you can save all of your cherished Facebook status updates in a hardbound book. Imagine having a virtual diary at your fingertips – literally! At StatusDiary.com you can relive these memories by creating a diary of all of your Facebook status updates. It even eliminates comments on your updates and what you’ve written on others’ profiles so everything you see in the diary are YOUR updates.

This exciting new service is moving the diary from behind the times in to the 21st century by giving you the chance to remember your thoughts, quotes, activities and events from the past. For the low cost of ?16.99/$25, the diary lets you experience these memories again, and that price includes shipping and delivery worldwide. We post everything on Facebook these days so wouldn’t it be great to have a professionally printed book of your updates that you can share and laugh about with friends? All you need to do to capture these moments is visit www.statusdiary.com and order your diary today!

To order a copy of your Status Diary please visit www.statusdiary.com