How payroll solutions have evolved

HR software such as payroll solutions is now seen by most businesses as an essential tool to enhance the accuracy and vitally, the efficiency of the payroll process in a company. With advancements in technology, there will be a payroll solution and a level of service to meet most business requirements. Traditionally, payroll solutions were provided ‘off-the-shelf’ to businesses with software bought and installed and maintenance of the system tending to come on a day to day basis from a company’s IT staff. Upgrades are required as legislation or tax changes occur and a company’s system can be kept abreast of these changes by obtaining these updates through a maintenance agreement or purchasing the new software. This kind of system can work well for many companies and provides their HR teams with the tools to improve efficiencies in their internal payroll processes.

Payroll software packages

For a range of additional services up to purchasing a fully managed solution, payroll solutions have developed over the past ten years from purchasing an off-the-shelf software package to install on the company system. A software provider such as NorthgateArinso can offer solutions to businesses which involve installing software packages on a company’s mainframe and provide data transfer to the software provider at intervals. This enables a solutions provider to offer these additional services and support in processing payroll.

Developments in technology and specifically cloud-based software over the past few years have brought the potential for great improvements to the processes of HR departments across the country. The potential for evolving in the future comes from the development of cloud-based solutions as this technology offers security but data access from anywhere and instantaneously. Through cloud computing, payroll solutions bring more options to clients for managed services and bespoke levels of administrating payroll which will take payroll solutions forward in many ways that will benefit clients.

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