The value of integrating software

Making the decision on whether to have an integrated approach to HR software and payroll or keeping the HR and payroll solutions separate is a very important when looking at the procurement of company software. HR managers will need to weigh up whether to purchase a new integrated system or maintain a current software system and integrate a new payroll package with an existing system. There can be considerations around costs when implementing a whole new system when compared to keeping existing systems that may have legacy issues in the business – which means that a solus payroll system seems like an attractive option at the time. With familiarity of a system, a business may take the approach that if it is not broke, then why fix it?

Should you combine your HR and payroll systems?

However the value of integrated systems should not be overlooked and companies such as NorthgateArinso can offer professional advice on the right solution for a business. A combined HR and payroll system means that staff will work from a single set of data which can simplify processes including eliminating inaccuracies across systems. Such a large amount of data is contained in HR systems and payroll systems but there is considerable overlap across employee records. Working across an integrated system means that this database contains only one set of records for each employee. An integrated system lends itself to easier reporting for the HR team as all employees’ personal information as well as information relating to pay, cost centres and position will be held in one place.

All this leads to a greater efficiency for the HR function meaning that their processes can be streamlined and the flow of work is more effective with less cross-referencing required. The team will also only need to be trained to use one integrated system rather than separate systems which can reduce overheads in a business.

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