The Real Cost of Tardiness

Staff arriving late costs business, and in turn the economy, millions of pounds every year. It may seem as though a minute here and there is not going to make much difference, but when you multiply a few minutes by your entire work staff and again by the number of days they work throughout the month, the lost time can suddenly add up to a huge amount of money.

It is also usually not just a minute here or there. The average amount that employees tend to be late is around ten minutes, and on certain days around two thirds of a company’s workforce may roll up after they should.

It may seem that being more rigid about timekeeping will lead to employees feeling that the workplace is oppressive, but there are plenty of ways to enforce punctuality without breathing down your employees’ necks.

Time recording software can log all time & attendance figures for you instantly. Therefore, when staff are late, you do not need to bring them up on it, but simply only pay them for the exact time that they happened to work. By doing this, people are far more likely to turn up on time and when they do not, you will not be losing money.

The other benefit of such time recording software is that many such programs can also produce data for payroll too, saving you time and money here too.

The more focussed you are on time & attendance, the more productive you are likely to be, and the increased efficiency of your company can end up making you as much money as the savings on pay will. And with the right software, you can do this without staff feeling as though you are breathing down their necks, and you can put the ball in their court to make sure that they arrive on time, every time.

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