Effectively Manage Donations with Church Software

The church has long remained the prime building in which people come to worship God and enjoy the services provided on a weekly basis. From Sunday mass to readings from the bible, churches are open to anyone within the local community to enter and enjoy the services carried out by vicars and priests.

As part of their connection with a church, people can choose to leave a variable amount of money as a donation to help a church afford particular events and services. This can be accompanied by the organisation of fund raisers which can have a religious or non-religious theme to support a particular cause, or raise increased finances to keep a church in operation.

Although churches may wish to keep all donations and gift aids received to afford the daily running of a church, they, like any other business or person who receives money, must conform to HMRC regulations and claim their intake on an annual basis. It is therefore important to ensure that a church accounting system remains accurate and updated to record all donations and financial gifts.

Church software packages are tailored to effectively record all generous donations and gifts onto one system, and create a full audit trail that can be sent to the HMRC. Failing to keep on top of church accounting can create inaccuracies within the tax returns issued to the HMRC within a financial or tax year that can be detected and reported.

Each donation can be instantly recorded by admin staff to keep an accurate record of financial income whilst allowing priests and vicars to primarily focus on organising and preparing services for church enthusiasts and religious people to enjoy. Using church software upon a computer can allow churches to distribute their tax return forms by post or online. The latter can be achieved by email attachments from a donations co-ordinator to the HMRC to accurately record and declare all financial income through donations and gifts, either as one-off payments or over the course of a tax year.

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