Secret of 3-D Cartoons

The high quality of the screenplay is what drives people crazy about three dimentionals. If you want to film a motion picture, and you want to be on 3-dimentional then you are reading the right article. If you think that preparing three dimentional animations is for professionals only, then you are definitely wrong. All you need are a set of cameras that can record videos, 3d software, and of course a tripod that will help hold your video cameras. Just read below, and you are on your way to constructing your first 3-d movie, that you and your family will surely enjoy watching.

The initial thing that you ought to is to look for a base that will hold your video cameras. You can also buy some tripod plate in the market, for your camera to have a secure place. You can simply look for some wood that you can use for the base of the tripod. You can simply drill two holes at the bottom of the wood, and put some screws. These screws need to be apart from some inches from the camera’s lens, and avoid depth that is too much.

You need to position each camera on two different sides. You have got to carefully place each camera on the tripod, and they had better be two point five inches apart from the middle of the lens of each camera. You have got to avoid putting a lot of depth. Put in mind that the camera’s distance to the subject should be far as fifteen to twenty feet.

Now, if you have finish recording everything it is now time to edit some of the scenes. This is where the 3-d systems software will enter. Connect your video camera in your computer, and then put the scenes that you want to edit on the video timeline. There are two types of scenes that are being drop in the timeline, all the scenes that are on the left side have to be placed at the top of the timeline, while the right scenes need to be at the bottom of the timeline. You can desaturate the clips, to transform them to black and white colors.

Modifying the scenes is usually the last part to do. You can simply choose modify from the 3d systems software, and effects then the balancing of colors. You may opt to choose RGB for the balancing effect to give you the effects that you want for your film.

Now that you are all done, you can simply save your work and watch the motion picture that you created with your family. Just don’t forget the 3-d glasses for you and your family to enjoy the film.

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