How to Impress a Boy

Before you technically start discussing the topic, I want an answer from you. Who like Selena Gomez?

Well, obviously the answer is ‘everyone’. But have you thought why? Please don’t tell me she is beautiful. There are many more girls that are beautiful. It could be that you are more gorgeous than her. Still boys adore her. Why? Well, the answer is that she is different.

She is different because every girl cannot do rock concerts and live that flashy life like her. Please don’t get me wrong, and neither get confused.

With the above discussion I meant not to encourage you to join some rock band (which actually isn’t a bad idea) and become as famous as Selena. I just want to explain you the thing that it is not just the beauty that attracts. It is your name!

If you really want to know, how to impress a boy, then you better be ready to follow what I say. (Sorry if I sound rude, because I am so not).

Never stay hidden! Never be a part of the crowd! Get a name for yourself! Be someone who people know about! No matter, the name is because of your intelligence, attitude, skills, your behaviour, or anything else. The point is how people know you.

Are you just any high school girl? Or you the girl who dazzled ramp in the inter school fashion competition?

Had you been a guy, which one out of the above two girls would you have chosen? Obviously the one who dazzled ramp in the fashion show!

See, you have the answer now. Stop wondering about ‘how to impress a boy’! It is the time to take some immediate initiatives.

Now let us jump to another aspect of getting a name. But like before, I’d like to ask something prior to the real discussion.

Are you an introvert? Are you someone who doesn’t like to make many friends? Do you hate your classmates?

If answer to any of these is yes, then I am sorry to say that you are in real trouble. In this case, answer to how to impress a boy, is start talking to anyone and everyone. There will be rarely any guy who’d like to hang out with a girl who stays reserved during conservation.

Making friends will make you popular in the class. Every time someone will be around you, which makes a very good impact on boys. If possible try to earn few friends. They can be of great help when it comes to impress a boy.

But with all this, don’t consider that I am suggesting you to talk no matter what the situation is. No! Never do that. Plus also make sure that you don’t become a blabber mouth. Keep a control on what you speak. It should make logic; otherwise you may lose your boy.

So, let’s conclude this discussion here with the bottom line that boys love girl that have something unique in them. Try this and I am sure you will not have to look anymore for, how to impress a boy.

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