Health – 4 Factors to Achieve It

The key to radiant health is not understanding the molecular structure of wheatgrass, but rather understanding some basic principles that can guide you on a path that allows you to make smarter decisions about your choices for food, water, air, and environment. It has become increasingly difficult to wade through mountains of claims and decipher what is the real deal, and what is fake. Before you go to the product shelves, you need to first understand the 4 key things that are required for optimal health.

In a previous blog I talked about the 4 steps to Stop Sickness Forever, which are the keys to optimal health. In this space I will go into more detail and help with your decision making in order to attain true health.

So, let’s get started.

Health has Nutrition Requirements

The North American population is severely deficient in the nutrients required for good health. There are a variety of reasons, but it mainly stems from the fact that most people only eat 20 different types of foods, and they all deliver little in the way of nutrition. If they chose to eat 20 superfoods it would be a dramatically different story. This situation is exacerbated by toxins in our food and water, which strips the few precious minerals out of our body as well creating absorption challenges.

I do want to note that even though our physiological make-up is generally the same, what condition it is in currently is a totally different subject. For this reason general recommendations are just that, and even though they can help you, they are not as effective as understanding or knowing your personal situation. For example, I could suggest to someone that they crank back smoothies with bananas, oranges, and raw cows milk, which may be quality ingredients, but if you suffer from candida the natural sugars in the orange and banana, as well as the dairy, are only going to make that person’s problem worse. For this reason, I suggest talking to a physician who can help you assess your particular situation with various tests and questionnaires.

One thing for sure is that you want to progressively start doing the following: 1) Choose organic whenever possible to avoid toxic substances like pesticides and herbicides, and because the nutritional value is higher than conventional (if you are on a budget, check out this video that will help you choose organic for the “dirtiest” produce). Also, it’s a good idea to choose organic starting with the top of the food chain, such as chicken and beef. 2) Choose a quality water filter for your home, and if you can get one that infuses natural minerals into the water, that will make a tremendous difference over cheap filters, or worst case, tap water. 3) Start to incorporate different foods into your diet and replace other foods with them to boost your nutrition exponentially. Choose sweet potatoes over regular potatoes, quinoa instead of white rice, spelt flour in lieu of white flour, and almond or rice milk over cow’s milk, for example. 4) Choose superfood daily that will quickly increase your uptake of nutrients in whole form, supplements, or powders. A properly made smoothie with a superfood powder can deliver more nutrition in a single serving than what some people get all week. 5) Start juicing. A small orange, kiwi, and grapefruit will make a glass of juice rich in phytonutrients, and knock off 3 servings of fruit in one shot. 6) Steam or lightly cook your vegetables. Do not boil them to death, or worse microwave them to the grave. This destroys the nutrition there was initially in the food. 7) Eat your fruit and vegetables as raw as possible.

Do not feel you need to do all these at once. Start with one, and work through each of them in due time. This is the key to staying on the right path.

Detoxification is Essential

The physical signs of ageing are invariably linked to the amount of toxins built up in your system. The aches and pains, illnesses, disease, and deaths can all be tied back to an unhealthy level of toxicity in that person’s body. This is why detoxification, and proper nutrition with it, is essential to true health.

There are several ways to detoxify: 1) Consume foods that are naturally detoxifying on a daily basis. Dark green leafy vegetables, lemon, garlic, and cayenne are great places to start. 2) There are also several herbs and superfoods like chlorella that will turn the trick a bit faster. Be careful as these products can be very powerful, and you don’t want to bring on a detox too quickly. 3) Drink at least half your body weight in purified, preferably alkaline and mineral rich, water. 4) Do a cleanse or a fast. The safest way to do this is to simply juice your food, or blend it (smoothies), for 2-3 days. You can also eat easily digestible foods like soups and salads. The key is to give your digestive system a rest, so no animal protein, sugar, grains, dairy, beans, or legumes. 5) Sweat profusely. This may include a hot bath with sea salt and essential oils like lavender or chamomile, and a cup of detoxifying tea. A sauna could also do the trick if you are comfortable with it. 6) There are also more advanced methods from trained health professionals like chelation therapy, which can remove heavy metals from your blood.

Again, do not look to do these all at once. Pick one and do it well, then move on to the next until they are all a part of your regimen.

Stop the Stress

This one is easier said than done, but stress is extremely acidic to your body and causes all types of health issues. It’s often sneakier than the rest as we deal with it every day and don’t notice it until it’s too late. Make no mistake about it though; reducing stress is a key to your health.

Some of the best ways to reduce stress include spending time doing more things you love and less time doing things you dislike. This could mean more time with family and friends, or doing more recreational activities and exercise. It can also mean a different career path and simplifying your life.

Whatever it is that stresses you out, take steps to start reducing it or eliminate it altogether, before it’s too late.

Eliminate Your EMF Exposure

An often misunderstood concept, EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) are everywhere. They are often emitted by everyday things we are around like appliances, computers, cell phones, power lines, and other communication equipment. Airports are one of the worst places for EMF chaos, especially with the advent of body scanners. They are virtually unavoidable in today’s world.

Save moving to a blue zone or electronic free atmosphere, the best way to deal with EMF’s is to neutralize them. There are different ways to do this including the use of diodes and wrist bands that block EMF’s from your body. It’s amazing the energy shift many people feel when putting an effective EMF blocker on their body.

Good Health Starts Slowly, But it Needs To Start

The purpose of this information isn’t to overwhelm you, but in fact empower you. Many people see the list of things they should do and quit before they ever get started. Keep in mind that health is progressive, and by you simply starting to do a few things right you will get positive feedback that will encourage you to keep going and continue to make more positive changes.

Health is about focusing on the journey and making it as fun as possible so that you never stray off that path. So get on the right trail, start doing some things right, and enjoy yourself. Once your health improves, everything else will just come naturally.

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