Why Use an Equity Release Calculator?

If you are interested in equity release, but are not sure whether or not it is for you a little research will be needed. One of the most useful tools to help you with your initial research is an equity release calculator.

This very useful little tool can be found online, meaning that you can carry out your research at any time during the day or night. They are simple to use all you need to do is key in the value of your house, any outstanding loans or mortgages and the age of the youngest homeowner. Then you simply hit enter to quickly see how much equity can be released from your home. Using these basic calculators you are able to quickly work out whether or not it is worth pursuing your research into equity release products.

Things to Bear in Mind When Using an Equity Release Calculator

There are several things you need to bear in mind when you are using any equity release calculator. The first thing is that they are only there as a guidance tool. None of the equity release calculators give you a completely accurate figure, rather they give you a rough estimate of how much equity could be released from your home.

If you do decide it is worth looking in more detail at equity release you need to use far more than just an online equity release calculator. The decision you make about which equity release product to use will potentially impact on how financially well off you are for the rest of your life. It will also impact on how much you can leave your family; therefore, you need to get additional advice before signing up with anyone.

Finding a Good Equity Release Calculator

The best kind of equity release calculator to use is one that compares equity release rates from various providers. If you really want to you can visit each equity release providers website and collect the data that way. However, using an equity release comparison website is a far more efficient way of gathering the information you need.

Age Partnership has a great equity release calculator on their website. They search the market to bring together as many equity release products to make their calculator as accurate as possible.