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Article Directoy is another fantastic Article websites directory that has large amounts of visitors per day and a large number of types to add your articles too.  With regards to SEO there are some advantages here of submitting articles, they do take articles immediately so you can get your back links to your site faster. You should have unique and fresh article for maximum approvals and targeted to your website services or products. Most article directories require following:

* One website in body (different than authors/bio area)
* One website in the experts area
* Must Have Appropriate Language, Which Contains Appropriate Punctuation, Phrase framework, Punctuation, Cap and Phrase Structure.
* Must Not be Written as a Media Launch, News Article or be Time Delicate.
* 350+ words
* Must Not Contain Profanity or Adult Materials.
* Must Not Contain Unlawful or Extremely Debatable Content.
* Must Not Contain Self-Serving or Marketing Content in the Article Headline, Body, or Conclusion.

Most of articles directories have following Publishers Guidelines:

* Articles must be released “as is” and you must involve the full Writer Bio at the end of the Article.
* URLs in the source box shall stay linkable and no changes should be made to any attached textual content or website link.
* Whenever possible, experts should be informed of purpose to Article.
* Articles cannot be released using spammy emails or unwanted email.
* Never sell any Article or charge others to view articles from the Article listing.
* No articles from our website will be used in video clips or mp3 files.
* Never change any articles from Article in any language.
* Do not involve the rel=nofollow tag in your HREF claims.
* Never publishing any author picture or pictures found on our website.

Other Distribution Guidelines:

* Headings must NOT contain any URLs.
* Headings must be more than one word.
* Headings must NOT have HTML tag words of any kind.
* Headings must NOT be all higher situation or lower situation characters.
* Headings must NOT contain recurring punctuation such as !!! or ???
* Headings must NOT contain the labels of medication or affiliate programs.

SEO Tips:

1. Create sure to use your focused terms often throughout the Article, mix and differ the tenses and words for a more natural look
2. Keep our body website focused to a related area of your website with powerful core text
3. One major website in the author’s area/bio, most likely to your main
4. Strong key words and headlines

Anchor textual content is everything so ensure that to place brilliant terms in your hyperlinks and get the most out of your back-link juice.  Article Directoy or is one more such a great source which allow free submission based on these submission guidelines..

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