HiFX is a foreign exchange money broker that is based in the UK. Although they are a relatively young company, they have an exceptionally good reputation and are the first choice of many consumers for foreign currency exchange transactions.

A Brief History of HiFX

The company has only been in existence since 1998. It was formed to offer currency exchange services as an alternative to using traditional banks. At first they only offered their services in the UK, but soon realised that there was worldwide demand for the specialist exchange services they had to offer.

In 2001, they went international opening a branch in New Zealand. Today they provide services to Australia and many other countries in the Asia Pacific region. In 2008, they bought Currency Online, a New Zealand based firm, which helped them to secure an even larger slice of the Asia Pacific market.

In 2004, the company became a PLC, prior to that it had operated as a Limited company. It was in 2004 that they entered the North American market. Opening their first office in San Francisco. Once again, demand was strong and HiFX quickly expanded into other parts of North America.

Why the Service HiFX Offers is so Popular

The main reason HiFX has grown so quickly is that they offer a top class service at a very cheap price. Word about the quality of their services haw spread quickly. Today, they have 40,000 private clients and over 2,000 business clients. Their numbers are growing on a daily basis and the company executed currency exchanges of £9 billion in 2011 on their behalf.

The main reason for their popularity is their transparency. Each customer knows precisely how much each transaction is going to cost. There are no hidden fees.

HiFX also work hard to provide their customers with a consistent service. They are not one of those companies that are constantly changing things. If a process works and customers can follow it easily, they leave that process in place. The level of customer support they offer is exceptional nothing is too much trouble for them. It does not matter if that customer is exchanging a few hundred pounds or several hundred thousand they all get the same level of attention and support.


To find out more about HiFX visit their website. They have several online tools to help you to manage your currency exchanges effectively and get the best value for money.