Mira Showers

Mira showers are extremely popular with UK consumers. Homeowners, builders and property developers all use their products. Many customers end up as repeat customers because they are so pleased with the quality of the company’s products.

About The Mira Showers Company

The company was formed in 1921 as Walker Crosswell& Co in London. From the very start they made high quality products. They were innovative and came up with improvements to shower systems that were not gimmicks, rather of real use to their customers.

There biggest and most important innovation was thermostatic control, which they launched in 1936. It was an important innovation that was designed to protect users of their showers from scolding and to allow them to shower in water that was a comfortable temperature. This new product was an immediate success and the company quickly expanded their operation opening a full blown factory in Cheltenham in 1937.

The safety benefits of this thermostatic control mechanism were appreciated by everyone. By 1950 it was standard equipment in the UK’s schools and hospitals. They further improved it in 1959 and in 1972 launched an electric shower with thermostatic control.

Why Mira Showers Are So Popular Today

Today Mira showers are more popular than ever. They never use cheap parts and their showers are built to last. In most cases they will continue to operate smoothly decades after they have been installed. Their stated aim is ‘to be the consumer and installers’ first choice in showering through innovation, design, quality and value’. This universal aim is what guarantees the quality of their products and the service they give.

The other thing that makes Mira stand out from the rest is the level of aftercare they offer theircustomers. Mira Showers is happy to provide advice on how to keep one of their old showers going they try to ensure that customers can buy parts long after they stop making a particular shower model. They are also very conscious of the impact they have on the environment. As a result the products they make are very power efficient and the fact they are built to last also helps the environment.


To find out more about   Mira Showers visit their website. Use their innovative online shower selector tool to help you to find the right shower for you and your family.