Is Anyone Serious About Health Care Costs

We hear it all the time especially from the progressives, “Big Insurance, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Auto Makers, Big Business, Big……….., on and on the list goes. They try to somehow turn these industries into evil villains in the eyes of the public by applying the prefix Big. According to the progressives all our problems are caused by the “Big Industries”. This, my friends, is nothing but a smoke screen to draw the citizens’ attention from the real culprit. Do I have to spell it out, I assume most of the free thinkers who have read this much have already guessed the real culprit. Alright I’ll spell it out, “BIG GOVERNMENT”. This, my friends, is the root of all our problems.Take for instance health care, it is not “Big Insurance” and “Greedy Hospitals” that are the problem, as progressives would have you believe, it is BIG GOVERNMENT”.When was the last time you looked at you health insurance coverage? Take a close look. My wife and I are in our middle age and we do not plan on having any more children but we are paying premiums for maternity services, we do not plan on becoming drug addicts but are paying premiums for drug rehab, we do not plan on becoming alcoholics but are paying premiums for alcohol rehab, and the list of coverages we do not want or will ever use goes on and on and yes we are paying premiums for them, you should take a close look at your policy some time.So… why do we have to pay for all these ridiculous things that we do not want or plan to use………yes…..that’s right, “BIG GOVERNMENT” says we need them.The Federal government has been mandating mandatory minimum coverage to “Big Insurance” for decades and on top of that the state government adds its’ own mandatory coverage in addition to the Federal government mandatory minimum coverage. As we all know every time we add a service to an insurance policy it increases the premiums, so every time “Big Government” mandates a coverage premiums increase to add that coverage to the policies. On top of all this the states close the borders to us and limit us to purchasing our health insurance within the state we live in shutting us off from the rest of the country. Does anybody remember the word “competition”, obviously nobody in “Big Government” does not.If “Big Government” at both the federal and state levels would get their noses out of private industry and stop insulting its’ citizens by assuming we are to stupid to choose what coverage we want for our health insurance needs and open the rest of the country to us so we can buy our health insurance from any insurer of our choice any where in the United States we would then see competitive pricing and policy prices would be more affordable by leaps and bounds. We need our freedom of choice given back to us so we can decide what is right for our needs and stop paying premiums for services that we do not need or want.This, my friends, is one edge of a double edged sword. So, you ask, what is the other edge of the sword? It certainly isn’t “Greedy Hospitals”. Have you guessed it yet? Try ILLEGAL ALIENS.Without naming names one hospital system in one state which consists of five hospitals between the years 2002 to present has incurred unpaid hospital services to illegal aliens totaling more than
$100,000,000.00 and one case in addition to this is, for instance, an illegal who has been in a coma from an auto accident for eighteen months incurring unpaid expenses of $1,500,000.00. The hospital finally contacted relatives from his home country and paid another $30,000.00 to fly him home on a medical flight only to be sued by relatives who are citizens of that state.Hospitals, like any other business, operate for profit so they can grow and expand and pay for new equipment and the best doctors etc. If they do not get paid for the goods or services they provide then the cost of those goods and services go up to recover losses. This, my friends, means that everyone who has health insurance has to pay a higher price for those goods and services which cause the premiums to keep going up. So as long as “Big Government” does not enforce immigration laws and process illegals back to their own country this will always impact health care costs.The current health care bill does nothing to address the problems as noted above and, in my opinion, should be repealed. This bill is nothing more than a corporate raider style takeover of an entire industry to be run by, yes, “Big Government” and empower government to be in the business of selling a product that you MUST purchase or be FINED! Name any business successfully run by “Big Government”. There are none, enough said!So….if any elected official says he wants to help lower health care costs and does not embrace these principles they are blowing the proverbial smoke……..and are not serious about it at all. Take your elected officials to task on this issue and see what I mean.As American citizens it is our responsibility to take back our freedom of choice on this issue, so keep your elected officials on their toes on this issue and tell them to apply the will of the majority or we will soon retire them.God Bless,

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