Is Your Shower Hurting Your Health

Why would anyone want to put a shower filter in their bath? Isn’t a shower a clean, safe experience? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), taking a shower with city tap water can cause health problems since chemicals like chlorine can enter your lungs and skin from the shower.Scientists understand that chemicals like chlorine, which is used to disinfect public water supplies, turn into gas when sprayed out of your shower. When we breath these vapors they enter our blood streams rapidly through our lungs. Chemicals can also be absorbed by our skin and enter our blood as well.The American Journal of Public Health says chlorine can cause certain types of cancer and that “up to two thirds of the public’s harmful exposure to chlorine is due to skin absorption and inhalation” in our showers. Heat opens up the pores on our skin and allows chemicals to more easily penetrate our skin.Tap water in many cities contains as much chlorine as a swimming pool and that chemical becomes a gas at a low temperature. Relaxing in the warm solitude of a bath can expose us to chemicals we would never chose to use. Chemical vapors can cause and contribute to asthma and bronchitis as well.Chlorine also strips off the natural oils off our bodies, drying our skin and hair. We all know that dry feeling when we get out of a swimming pool. We can get the same drying from a shower or bath if we don’t purify the water before it touches our skin. All our efforts to use good soaps and shampoos can be negated by the contaminants in our water.How Do Shower Filters Work?A good quality shower purifier is a canister that attaches to the pipe where it emerges from the wall. The canister contains at least two types of substances like charcoal which do a good job of removing many chemicals. The water runs through the canister and emerges cleaner through the head. Charcoal attracts simple chemicals like chlorine, trapping it in the filter medium and removing many odors. Over time the charcoal becomes saturated with these impurities and the filter must be replaced. A good system has more than one substance inside to clean the water.A well designed shower filter is easy to install, and keeps the shower head at the same level as before installation. The canister should be easy to remove for filter replacement. Some companies will automatically send you a replacement medium to maintain the quality of your water at the right intervals. The whole system can be removed and taken with you when you move.Many people don’t think about health issues related to shower water and the vulnerability of our skin and lungs to impurities. If you want to maintain your health, find out about these devices. Have your water tested in a good laboratory.

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