Health Scares People More Than Death

You would think that being diagnosed with cancer and “surviving” it (whatever the medical pundits deem that to be) would motivate people to consider healthier lifestyle changes to keep the big C, and any other disease for that matter, from creeping back into their life. According to a recent report, its not. Are we too lazy, confused, dumb, or reliant on medical devices and drugs to care? Or does our health not really matter?

The Studies

One study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology followed over 9,000 cancer survivors evaluating healthy lifestyle changes following treatment. After surviving one of the most feared diagnosis, cancer, most survivors made little or no changes in their lifestyle. Less than 20% of the cancer survivors were consuming the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Only 1 in 20 of the study participants were following all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Another study published in the American Heart Journal evaluated over 1200 men and women who were overweight and suffered a heart attack. In the year following their heart attack participants of the study lost a mere .2% of their body weight. Its well established that obesity increases the risk of not only heart disease but many other serious health conditions as well. Despite experiencing a heart attack and facing an early death from unhealthy lifestyle choices, patients still refuse to make healthy lifestyle changes.

So let me get this straight. The feeling of being stabbed in the heart or being run over by a dump truck, twice, is not enough to introduce 5 servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet?

The Health Challenge

We have become so depleted of our physical and mental energy, and conditioned to the easy fix, that working for anything is more painful than actual pain itself. How sick is that?

On top of that, we’ve been conditioned to think that conventional doctors are not to be questioned and any device or procedure they want us to go through must be tried and true. Unfortunately, that’s far from the case.

So when we get a tired, dumbed down, and confused population, anything that seems like work and is not guaranteed instant results is more scary than being poked, prodded, and radiated to the point that your incapacitated and your hair is falling out.

This is the bleak reality of a medical system that is as broke as the government (which isn’t a coincidence, by the way).

The Solution

It’s pretty clear that painful death isn’t in the face enough of survivors to really motivate them to make the changes necessary to avoid a repeat, and for the few that are interested, their doctors are either not interested in recommending the proper diet or are too clueless to do so.

The solution is not easy, as it requires a major paradigm shift, and it begins with the system, which will now look out for the best interests of the patient, and not the medical device or drug makers. A dramatic change for sure, but not impossible. Many natural health sites are doing an excellent job of educating the masses.

For more info on the type of shift that needs to happen in health care, check out Results Based Medicine – A New Paradigm, and see if you agree with the logic.

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