Nuts – Watch for Fungus

If you are brave enough to step into the health movement, you will no doubt run into some nuts. Let me clarify – yes, there are some health nuts out there (myself included), but I’m referring to the kind you actually eat. We have really gone crazy (nuts seemed like overkill) over all kinds of nuts and seeds, but are they universally a great food for everyone? In short, I think you would be short sighted to think so.

Nuts – What’s So Good About Them Anyway?

They make you smarter. Really.

Research has shown that nuts boost your brainpower and balance your moods. They seem to clear up the “brain fog” and help you think clearer and be happier than you ever thought possible.

Walnuts have been pointed out as both figuratively, and literally, as brain food. Take a look at one – they remarkably look like the human brain. Walnuts are made up of 15-20% protein and contain linoleic (omega 6 fatty acids) and alpha linoleic acids (omega 3), vitamin E and vitamin B6, making them a great source of nourishment for your nervous system.

Walnuts are not the only healthy nuts out there. Cashews, almonds, pecans, and peanuts also improve mental health. Cashews are high in magnesium, which can help open up the blood vessels in your body, including those to your brain. The more oxygen rich blood reaching the brain, the better it operates!

So Where’s the Issue?

Ironically enough, most people are “allergic” to nuts, whether they are diagnosed with a peanut allergy or not. If you or your child has reached that point where you have been diagnosed with an allergy, it simply means you have taken your body’s adversity to nuts to the next level.

Closely related to this allergy (or the very cause of it) is a very common, but grossly under diagnosed condition that wreaks havoc on your body in the presence of fungus and molds. Candida is estimated to be chronically present in 30% of people, and up to 80% of people have it to some extent. These people are prime candidates to have adverse reactions to foods to that are “damp”, contain yeast, and are naturally high in mold.

Guess what food fits that category?

Nuts! It’s nuts, isn’t it?!

Yes, yes it is.

So all that clarity and brainpower is gone like a bee in the wind, because strangely enough, a fungal infection like Candida can leave you with the exact opposite powers – brain fog, confusion, short term memory loss, and more. The gut, your second “brain”, doesn’t appreciate all the junk you leave around undigested as a result of your fungal or yeast infection.

So My Counter is Chock Full of Nuts – Adopt a Squirrel?

Before you go do anything, find out if Candida is something from which you suffer. If it is, nuts are off your list (with maybe the exception of almonds) and you will have one happy pack of squirrels in your backyard.

If you don’t appear to have an issue, then you are at least off THAT hook. However, conditions that are similar in nature like IBS or Crohns, often have a severe issue with nuts as well and suffer serious indigestion and other problems.

Now you know why nuts are not for a lot of people. It’s not the nut that’s the issue, but rather your particular physiology that has been altered in a way that doesn’t make you nut friendly (even though a trip to Wal-Mart may tell you different).

So before you reach for the Planters, or even the peanut butter and a nice piece of toast, consider that nuts could very well not be your friend. Watch how your body reacts, the sounds and smells it makes, and take that as a warning sign.

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